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We are flying!

August 13th! We land in Dominica.

After travel restrictions and airlines bankruptcy scares, we finally have our tickets!

About 24 hours of transit for me, and a grueling 48 hours through many stops from our multimedia expert, Judd Buchanan, coming in from Brazil.

But all this wait and this tortuous travel through the maze of pandemic restrictions is all worth it, because I couldn't just stay home knowing that the storms are coming. Literally.

I wish I was able to just send money already, but most of the resources still come from my personal credit cards at this point, so I have to be there to buy things, and the Ecoshell building technique and equipment are shipping in from overseas and will need some oversight.

It is a bit late to start, I hope we don't get confronted to too many delays so that we can have an impact before the hurricane season reaches its peak.

The borders having been opened so late and the necessary isolation adding to the delay, there isn't much we will be able to accomplish, but we will surely do our best

There is no telling if the island will be hit this year or not, but regardless, we will be there!

I hope you stay with us along the way!



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