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Two weeks since launch! A good start?

Well, after two weeks of everything being online, I must say that I'm both very proud and a bit disillusioned. I'm proud because everybody thinks the project is great and interesting, but disillusioned because that doesn't seem to be enough to move people to actually do anything about it. I must say that I tend to dream too big, so I'm not overwhelmingly surprised that I didn't manage to get millions of views and full funding within the first days as I initially thought was a reasonable start.

I dreamt of waking up to tons of comments by people all around the world, people moved by the mission and the content, and wanting to help and participate. I dreamt of an inbox full of journalists wanting to talk about this revolutionary concept of active documentary. I thought everybody would instantly get it and it would go viral. Alas, not quite. Not even close actually.

Hundreds of friends on social media don't quite yield as many likes and shares as I thought, but I'll keep sharing. I wrote a personalized e-mail to the top 20 major publications in Canada, US, UK and Australia. No bite, but there are hundreds more. Youtubers and influencers are only interested in people more famous than them so that they can benefit, no help there yet, but I'm sure soon enough they'll know about us.

What I'm saying is, I may have come face to face with the harsh reality that this is going to be an uphill battle, but I reject this reality and substitute my own. I'll keep working until I bend it to my will. If I have to exhaust my credit and go broke for these people to have a safe place to stay in before the peak of the next season then so be it I'll find a way to pay it off.

There's no way I'm pushing things back and live to regret someone I know being lost a storm in the meantime, I couldn't live with myself. I've already been oblivious to their situation for much too long. It's now or now.


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